Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fear the Fork! Arizona State's New Logo and Uniforms

In an effort to promote and rebrand the school's image, Arizona State unveiled its new logo and uniforms for the athletic program Tuesday.  Noticeable in the Nike designed outfits is the absence of Sparky on the helmets where the mascot has been prominently featured for decades.  The new look is sharp, particularly the all black uniforms and helmets.  Clearly ASU has taken note of the enormous success Oregon has enjoyed for more than a decade promoting its program through cutting edge redesigns of its uniforms and image.  And don't think it doesn't matter.  Whatever fans may think of the new look uniforms worn by Oregon and more and more NCAA teams, recruits love them.  In a recent ESPN The Magazine poll, NCAA football players were asked who had the best uniforms.  Oregon won in a landslide (53.7%).  One Big Ten star was particularly impressed.  "I don't even have to think about that one," he says "I almost wanted to transfer there just for those uniforms."

The school's announcement was accompanied by some cool videos celebrating the program's heritage, including this one featuring Sun Devil greats like Danny White, Mike Haynes, Pat Tillman and Todd Heap:


The League said...

I'm a Longhorn alumni, and for about 4 years wound up working at Arizona State. One thing I could never quite get over was the Sparky mascot. A faux-Boris Badenov? It just always seemed a little too cheesy. Ducks have done wonders, so I hope this takes off for ASU, too.

The Tame Lion said...

Absolutely fantastic!!